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Cleaning Instructions for tins

After using, remove the scented swabs and return them to the appropriate glass vial. Then wipe the tin with a soft paper towel before storage.

Starting Canine Scent Work

Thank you for your interest in the sport of canine scent work. In my experience the best way to learn is to either find an instructor in your area or take an online course. Since 2021 the online options have grown into a great option for people who want to get started. The training method I use is called K9 Nose Work® and it begins with enhancing the dog’s natural ability to hunt using food (primary). The target odors (birch, anise, clove) are introduced much later after most of the foundation skills have been practiced on primary. Here are some links for more information.

This is the founding governing body:

(Check out the education division to find a certified instructor near you)

Here is an online education option that uses the K9 Nose Work(r) method:

(Many of us use this option with fantastic results)

If you are interested in a fun and enriching at-home activity with your dog, you can do that online with both of these organizations. FMI about the scent work community in Maine and New Hampshire’s White Mountain region you can look online at:

(Dog Tracking Club of Maine holds many events for both AKC scent work and tracking in Maine)

On this website in Events or Classes