Jacy Kelley Hide Placement Workshop

Jacy Kelley Hide Placement Workshop
Saturday/Sunday, October 16–17, 2021

Saturday–Old Greenwood Town Hall, 270 Main St., Locke Mills, Maine
Saturday–Grove Street Church, Grove Street, Bryant Pond, Maine
Sunday (all day)–Waterford Fairgrounds, 36 Irving Green Road, Waterford, Maine


Working spots are limited to 10 per day and will be split into two groups of five (Group A and Group B). All dogs should be solidly on odor but not necessarily competing at a specific level. We may assign dogs of similar level or we may show how slight adjustments can increase or decrease the difficulty of the hide. Participants will learn how you can use hide placement to enhance your training and what to do when things don’t go as planned. You will receive individualized, insightful coaching from Jacy and have plenty of time to work in small groups for discussion.

Example: Morning–Group A will look at the location and determine where the hides should be placed. Jacy will work with the group and coach them on what skills will be tested and how the dogs may work the hides. Then Group B will run their dogs on the hides supported  by Jacy’s coaching. Afternoon–Group B will set the hides and Group A dogs will run them. Each day will be followed by a debrief and time for questions.

Auditors are encouraged to participate in these sessions without dog(s) present. However, auditors may bring their well behaved dogs as long as they are kept in their vehicles and do not present a disruption or distraction at the event site.


Working spots $200 per day/auditors $95 per day

Email k9@virginiahowe.com to register

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