Classes online and in-person

Class is a blend of online and in-person sessions

  • Zoom meeting
    Half hour meeting
    Debrief the previous week
    Plan the next week for both online and in-person class
  • In-person class
    At the following locations; Fryeburg, Lincolnville, Union, and Cumberland
    One hour class
    Work on the exercise from the Zoom meeting
    Maximum 4 people
    Everyone must wear a mask
    No handling each others stuff (dogs, leashes, boxes, phones, odor, etc.)
    Work out of our cars one team at a time
    Practice social distancing

Video for debrief review

  • Online students
    (online students will submit video by Thursday)
  • In-person students
    (I will video the in-person class and use examples for debrief)

Contact me at for the current schedule