Classes Online 2021

Zoom meeting

  • Saturday morning
  • Review previous week’s skill challenge
  • Plan next week’s skill challenge

Video for review

  • Submit video by end of day on Thursday


  • January 9: Teah Anders and an Introduction to Mental Management
  • January 16: Explain the upcoming Skills Challenge* series.
  • January 23 thru March 20: Amy’s List and Skills Challenges*

We will be doing one “Challenge” per week. Each challenge has 3 levels you can pick from. Your video is due by end-of-day on Thursday. I have 3 different “judges” who will review your challenge and debrief the videos on Saturday’s Zoom (one judge per Saturday class). Jacy Kelley, Holly Roche, and Deb Ash will be your judges. I will be available during the week to answer questions and modify the skills as needed. The main theme is that this training will be ADDING to our dog’s bank account and we will set up where our dogs need it to be—and use what space/objects you have at home. The cost will be per $20 dog.

Methodical containers
Multiple hides
Combined skills

* The Skills Challenge exercises and videos are publicly available and we have encouraged instructors to use the exercises as inspirations for classes. However, NACSW is not authorizing the skills challenges to be used in an official way.