Memorial Day Maine with Jacy Kelley

Memorial Day Maine with Jacy Kelley
Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday, May 22–25, 2020

Registration opens January 1, 2020

(All working spots are filled. Wait list and auditor available)

Fryeburg Fairgrounds, 1154 Main Street, Fryeburg, ME 04037


This event will be organized by nose work elements (containers, interiors, exteriors, vehicles). Workshops will run between 9am and 5pm with a mid-day break.

The morning session will include a hide placement phase where you will be shown how slight modifications can change the difficulty. Kelley will review your progress during the afternoon debrief. The take-home for participants will be to learn how you can use hide placement to enhance your training. You will receive individualized, insightful coaching from Jacy and be afforded plenty of time to work in small groups for discussion.

Auditors are encouraged to participate in these sessions without dog(s) present. However, auditors may bring their well behaved dogs as long as they are kept in their vehicles and do not present a disruption or distraction at the event site.

Working spots are limited to 10 per day and will be split into two groups of five (Group A and Group B). All dogs should be solidly on odor but not necessarily competing at a specific level. We will assign dogs of similar level skill by group.

Morning: Hide placement and separate discussion for Team A and Team B.

Work dogs: Team A runs Team B’s hides blind (and visa versa) then Team A runs their own hides known (and visa versa).

Mid-day break

Afternoon: Debrief for both teams

Friday May 22 will be private lessons with Jacy.

Element Days

Saturday May 23:  Exteriors and vehicles (wait list and auditor only)

Sunday May 24:     Interiors (wait list and auditor only)

Monday May 25:    Containers (wait list and auditor only)

Come for an hour or stay for the entire weekend. On-site tent and RV camping is available.


Friday private lessons with Jacy Kelley $145 per hour (wait list and auditor only).

Saturday thru Monday working spots $175 per day/auditors $75 per day

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